My kids (girl 11, boy 9) have been involved in Cheryl\'s YTP since they were both 5. It has opened their worlds to things neither they nor I ever imagined: they are certainly more outgoing and engaging, able to interact with others than they would be I imagine. They are aware of all the fabulous musicals that are out there (the ones they have acted in as well as the others they have been able to go and see that Cheryl has produced). They have made friends to last a lifetime. They have become disciplined and learned in something other than academics. Cheryl is just incredible as is all her staff. We could not be happier or love anyone more.
Dana K., Los Angeles

My daughter is 7 and attended Creative Kids Youth Theater Project camp last summer.

Her experience left her enthusiastic about every facet of bringing a show to the stage. At camp she learned dance, singing, acting and all the production aspects that go into producing a play... she was in heaven for a month.

I am enthusiastic about this experience as well, for the same reasons and then some. I have noticed that my daughter--in addition to having had a lot of fun, also learned a great deal in terms of life skills. She's a sensitive, caring girl to begin with, but there's a new layer of respect and maturity about her. Creative Kids Youth Theater Project camp taught her the value of working hard for what you believe in, not taking things for granted, cherishing relationships and building trust. She's learned to respect others for who they are because she was being respected as an individual. I am very impressed and can't wait to repeat the experience next year.

Cheryl Beck has been in the field of early education and performing arts for ages and I encourage anybody to contact her and/or go see one of her classes. It's magic how she can work with kids of different ages and backgrounds seamlessly and with the utmost respect. Respect, I might add, that is reciprocated by the kids entirely.

It doesn't hurt that the performances are an absolute delight to watch. highly recommended!

Alberta S.