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Code of conduct

A Code of Conduct for Students, Teachers, and Parents

One of the most important elements of the YTP program is a standard of conduct we expect from our students and teachers. Rooted in our fundamentals of confidence, respect, trust, and responsibility, our students learn that success is measured not only by achievement, but by the way others are treated in the process.

Parents and teachers are an important element in this process. Parents need to be in line with the program philosophy and along with teachers, they need to role model the behavior we expect from our students. Parents who have unreconcilable issues with the program philosophy, and/or cannot behave in accordance with our standards, may find that our program is not suited to their family, and may be asked to no longer participate.

Standards of Conduct for parents are as follows:

1. Respect:
a. Respect and support the program philosophy and structure.
b. Treat all YTP and Creative Kids staff members with respect.
c. Treat all students and fellow parents with respect.

2. Responsibility:
a. Help your child honor their responsibility to the program. Make sure your child is on time, and that necessary adjustments are made in your schedule to accommodate the rehearsals.
b. Role Model appropriate behavior for all of the students. Remember, our goal is to train great PEOPLE, not just to train great actors.

3. Caring/Supportive Behavior:
a. Show support and encouragement to all the students in the program. Demonstrate to your child, that honoring the successes of others does not take away from your own success.
b. Embrace your child’s feelings and help them cope with disappointment. However, do not instigate frustration and disappointment in your child. Beware… make sure the issue is not that your child is disappointing you.

Most importantly – Encourage your child (as we do) to have fun… and have fun watching them grow in this process!!